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Team Hedgi

We are a diverse team of developers, bookkeepers and CPAs. We wanted to scale up what we do for our local clients and help small businesses thrive no matter where in the US they do business, so we put our heads together and came up with Hedgi Bookkeeping AI.


We have a team of developers devoted to Hedgi Bookkeeping AI. They are constantly tuning the algorithm to empower it to learn your business and do the tedious work of coding your expenses.


Our bookkeepers are constantly adding rules to the Hedgi Bookkeeping AI algorithm. As a Hedgi Managed Services client you can rest assured that our bookkeepers are coding your expenses correctly.


Our experienced CPAs supervise the Hedgi bookkeepers as they continue to train Hedgi Bookkeeping AI. Hedgi CPAs also perform tax prep and tax reporting for Hedgi Premium Services clients.

monthly pricing for Hedgi

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Hedgi End Users

Perfect for small businesses on a tight budget
  • Hedgi for 1 business

  • Hedgi Bookkeeping AI

  • Balance Sheet and P&L

  • Support Forum

Hedgi for CPAs

Suitable for CPAs or Bookkeepers with multiple clients
  • Hedgi for up to 10 businesses

  • Hedgi Bookkeeping AI

  • 10 Balance Sheets and P&Ls

  • 2 hour of support

Managed Services

Let Hedgi Bookkeepers manage your books for you remotely
  • Hedgi Bookkeepers

  • Monthly Financials Prepared

  • Login access to the Hedgi App

  • 2 hours of support

Premium Services

Let Hedgi CPAs and Bookkeepers manage your books and your taxes
  • Hedgi Managed Services

  • Books review by CPA

  • Tax preparation

  • Tax reporting

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Fritzy’s Skate Shop
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