How do I apply for managed services?

Signing Up for a Hedgi Account and applying for the bookkeeping service. Applying for Hedgi+ managed services is easy and can be done directly from the application:

How do I export data?

Exporting Your Data (into Excel) from Hedgi Hedgi offers a handy export feature so you can easily obtain your transaction history, profit and loss statements, and balance sheet details from the app. Simply navigate to the transaction, P&L, or balance sheet tab in Hedgi and look for the “Export” button in the top right corner. […]

Am I able to send invoices and pay bills?

While Hedgi does not directly offer invoicing and bill pay services, the app provides helpful tools to track after-the-fact transactions for tax-basis financial statements. Expenditures and income in Hedgi can be auto-recorded (via AI), or manually recorded with detailed descriptions, categories, tags. These transaction records allow you to: While Hedgi does not currently offer invoice […]

Am I able to generate 1099s?

Tracking Contractor Payments for 1099 Reporting The Hedgi app does not directly produce 1099 forms for payments made to contractors. However, Hedgi provides tools to help you track contractor expenses so you can generate accurate 1099s yourself. Within Hedgi, you can toggle to the ‘Vendors’ tab to see the totals paid for the year. At […]

Why is the bank balance not updating every day?

Keeping Your Bank Balances Up-to-Date in Hedgi Hedgi fetches your linked bank account balances on the last day of the month. Hedgi does this to provide your month-end bank balance for reconciliation purposes. This means your balances may become outdated as the month progresses. To ensure accurate reporting, it’s recommended to reconcile your Hedgi bank […]

What do benchmarks mean on the P&L?

Understanding P&L Benchmarks in Hedgi The Profit & Loss Statement in Hedgi displays helpful benchmark comparisons from our partner, Bizminer, so you can evaluate your business performance versus key industry standards. The benchmark is presented on the sliding scale of 5% variation from the benchmark. Key benchmarks shown include: Analyzing these P&L benchmarks allows you […]

How do I edit a pre-existing automation?

Here are the steps to edit a pre-existing automation in Hedgi: Key Points: With Hedgi’s easy editing, you can quickly refine existing automations as your transaction patterns evolve. Keep your automations up-to-date.

What do the notifications mean? (Hedgi Pro)

Understanding Hedgi AI Notifications Hedgi will notify you on the status of any accounting automations you create, so you can ensure they are running accurately: AI Approved – You will see a green icon notification showing that your automation has been accepted for all users in your industry! AI Rejected – If the Hedgi accounting […]

What does the acceptance rate mean?

Understanding Automation Acceptance Rates on Hedgi When viewing automated transaction rules on Hedgi, you may see an acceptance rate percentage. This rate indicates the percentage of Hedgi users who have enabled that specific automation. For example, a 90% acceptance means 90% of Hedgi users have added that automation to their account. The acceptance rate helps […]