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Hedgi Automations

Hedgi uses data compiled across hundreds of businesses to help automate simple business transactions. You are able to create your own automations specific to your business, which makes organizing expenses easier. On the right side of your transaction list, you will see a set of four different buttons listed under the “Actions” Tab. The second button, looking like a plus-sign, is where you will be able to click and create your own automations for transactions. The button to the right is “Refresh,” where you may reprocess that transaction to search again for a possible match. The next button to the right is “Exclude,” where you may delete a transaction.

Now you should see a tab showing the bank text of your selected transaction. In this tab, you are looking for a bank text that Hedgi can recognize and replicate for future transactions. The easiest way to do this is remove any characters and symbols that are unique to this individual transaction.

In this example, you can delete everything besides the word Amazon. Hedgi will then recognize all future Amazon transactions from now on. Once you have adjusted the bank text you can click the button labeled “Test.” 

A new tab will appear looking for you to apply a vendor and category for your tested transactions. Once you choose these, they will apply to all future transactions containing that bank text. Once you are positive what category these transactions will apply to, go ahead and click on the button “Next.” The tab that appears next is optional if you would like to assign a tag or description, but if not you can go ahead and click “Preview.”

This will take you to a final tab where you can double-check all the information you have entered. If everything looks correct, you can click on the button “Create Automation,” which is your last step and you have now created your very own rule!