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Where can I see unreviewed transactions?

Categorizing Unreviewed Transactions in Hedgi

Hedgi provides tools to simplify categorizing your unreviewed transactions using established rules and AI algorithms. You may see automatically categorized transactions in the unreviewed section.

Key features:

  • “No Match” with a red X means no suggested category
  • Colored checkmarks means a suggested category
  • Multiple matches “?” indicate potential matches – choose the most accurate
  • Override incorrect suggestions by populating the fields
  • Feedback loop improves future categorization
  • Manual categorization if no automatic match

This system empowers informed category decisions. Approving correct suggestions trains Hedgi’s algorithms over time for improved accuracy.

Providing feedback on incorrect suggestions is crucial – this input helps refine categorization and ensures deduction precision. We value your participation in enhancing the platform’s performance.

With Hedgi’s intelligent tools, transaction categorization is streamlined. The system supports your workflow while consistently improving through user collaboration. Accurate categorization and deductions are achieved through this user-driven approach.