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Why would there be no match?

Hedgi’s “No Match” designation provides a critical safeguard for categorization accuracy when the AI cannot confidently classify a transaction automatically.

Reasons for no match:

  • Vague or unclear transaction descriptions
  • No matching user-defined categorization rules
  • New or rare vendors outside AI expertise
  • Insufficient user transaction history
  • Highly complex or unusual transactions
  • Context needed beyond data patterns

With “No Match”, Hedgi ensures:

  • No inaccurate automated guesses
  • Transactions are flagged for user review
  • Manual categorization when needed
  • High quality of financial data is protected

This cautious approach prevents erroneous classifications. If the AI is unsure, you categorize transactions.

By combining machine learning with manual oversight, Hedgi delivers the best of automation and human discernment. “No Match” transactions utilize your expertise to fill gaps to maintain precision.