Unlock smarter tax savings with Hedgi: Your AI-enhanced bookkeeping ally.

Our platform not only automates your bookkeeping but also intelligently analyzes your transactions against a constantly evolving database of tax deductions, meticulously curated and updated by seasoned accounting professionals.

Tired of manual bookkeeping? The app revolutionizing small business accounting is now available. As seen in ─

At Hedgi, we’re redefining small business accounting by merging decades of professional accounting wisdom with innovative AI technology. Our platform transcends traditional bookkeeping functionalities, offering a dynamic and ever-evolving database of tax rules and deductions, diligently curated and continually refined by our expert accounting team.


What sets Hedgi apart is our dual-model AI integration, designed to cater to diverse accounting needs:


Predictive Bookkeeping Automation: For transactions that don’t align with pre-approved accounting rules, our first AI model steps in. It intelligently automates bookkeeping tasks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in categorizing and managing financial data. This model adapts to your business’s unique financial landscape, offering tailored insights and uncovering opportunities that conventional software might overlook.

AI-Powered Ledger Review: Our second model functions like an attentive auditor, meticulously reviewing your ledger for errors and inconsistencies. This model enhances the reliability of your financial records, providing an additional layer of scrutiny and peace of mind.


Together, these AI-driven solutions transform the way small businesses handle their finances. Hedgi is more than just an application; it’s a comprehensive financial tool that combines deep accounting knowledge with cutting-edge AI insights. Imagine having a team of expert advisors and advanced AI systems working in tandem to empower you with smarter, data-driven financial decisions. Welcome to the future of small business accounting with Hedgi, where precision meets innovation.


Why did we build this?

To empower small businesses with data-backed deduction recommendations, not just individual CPAs’ best guesses.

Comprehensive Automation with Personalized Machine Learning

Hedgi stands out with its ability to automate bookkeeping tasks by directly downloading transactions, applying accountant-approved rules, and offering machine learning predictions for unmatched transactions. The ML model not only automates but also reviews the ledger, providing probabilities and SHAP data for deeper insights. This level of automation, combined with personalized machine learning analysis, offers users a sophisticated, time-saving solution for managing their finances.

Expert-Driven, Data-Backed Financial Decision Making

Hedgi's platform is enriched with features like risk probability rates for tax deductions, benchmarks for key performance indicators from Bizminer, and the ability to view and edit transactions with detailed insights. These features, backed by real accounting expertise and data, provide users with the confidence to make informed financial decisions, ensuring compliance and maximizing profitability.

Customizable and Comprehensive Financial Management

Hedgi offers a wide range of customizable features, including the ability to add bank accounts, upload CSV data, create and edit bank automations, and set risk tolerances. The platform also provides detailed financial reports, such as profit and loss statements and balance sheets, with the option to export data for further analysis. This level of customization and comprehensive reporting makes Hedgi an adaptable tool for a variety of business needs, from basic bookkeeping to complex financial analysis.

Why Small business owners love Hedgi

Jacob Schwartz

Jacob Schwartz

Managing Partner - Schwartz & Schwartz

Hedgi has saved me so much time. By automating so many transactions across all of my small business clients, I've been able to increase my tax client load by 20% in the last 6 months. Hedgi has empowered my bookkeeping team to produce powerful results with accuracy. Finally, I now know if a deduction is 'ordinary and necessary.' An incredible QuickBooks alternative for small businesses. 

Samantha Lenhart

Samantha Lenhart

Marketing Agency Owner

This year I feel a huge stress relief, the anxiety of getting my taxes done, finding a dependable accountant, not being charged for bad bookkeeping, words can't describe how happy I am with my experience with Hedgi! I have so many charges on a monthly basis, but Hedgi's AI learn my business, categorizes them in areas that will maximize the deduction properly. It has literally saved me hours and hours of work.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Gas Station Owner

We've enjoyed Hedgi because of its user friendliness. Viewing and printing reports is fast and easy. To top it off, we have a bookkeeper available at all times who is extremely helpful and patient. Hedgi has allowed us to focus more on other business matters by ensuring that our books are up to date and in good hands. It is a great stress relief. I work so many ours, and I know that I am maximizing my deductions.

Hedgi is more than an app.


Managed bookkeeping services

Ready to fully optimize Hedgi? With Hedgi+, our bookkeeping pros handle time-consuming tasks like check entry and bank reconciliation. You focus on running your business while we take care of the books. Upgrade now right within the app to maximize your Hedgi experience today!

Income and sales tax preparation

Taxes made easy with Hedgi+. Not confident DIYing your taxes? Need help with tricky journal entries? Our team of expert CPAs and EAs has your back. We’ll handle your entire tax prep start to finish, so you can cross tax time off your list. Simply request help inside the Hedgi app and our tax pros will take it from there.


Elevate your financial game with Hedgi’s premium benchmarking insights.

Our upgraded solution integrates industry data from Bizminer, so you can compare your financial KPIs against real competitive benchmarks. See how your cost of goods sold, margins, and other metrics stack up and get insights to guide your business strategy.