Elevate Your Accounting with Hedgi AI

AI-Powered Precision and Efficiency 🚀

Welcome to a new era of accounting efficiency. Hedgi AI’s intelligent algorithms automate data entry, identify critical tax deductions, and ensure compliance. Elevate your practice and deliver unparalleled value to your clients.

Tired of manual bookkeeping? The app revolutionizing small business accounting is now available. As seen in ─

What if bookkeeping wasn’t just necessary but a strategic advantage for your business? With Hedgi, this is your new reality. You’re not just adopting a tool; you’re gaining an intelligent AI partner tailored to the intricacies of tax bookkeeping and financial optimization. Imagine possessing a tool so adept it feels like an extension of your financial intuition – that’s Hedgi. Our platform, equipped with exclusive machine learning and GenAI audit technologies, excels in:


  • Effortlessly categorizing transactions and spotting valuable deductions, making sure you maximize every tax-saving opportunity.
  • Navigating the complex landscape of tax deductions with confidence, backed by probabilities and a double-check system that ensures accuracy and compliance.
  • Offering more than insights; delivering a roadmap to outperform your competition by analyzing your financial health against industry benchmarks.


For small business owners and bookkeepers seeking liberation from the intricacies of financial management, Hedgi offers a pathway to not just simplifying accounting tasks but transforming them into strategic assets. Get ready to redefine bookkeeping with AI-powered efficiency and insights.

Dive into the era of smart, AI-enhanced accounting with Hedgi and witness your business not just survive, but thrive. Let’s revolutionize your bookkeeping, together. 🚀

Why did we build this?

To empower small businesses with data-backed deduction recommendations, not just individual CPAs’ best guesses.

🔍 Detective-Level Detailed Automation

Imagine having a digital army of accountants at your fingertips. With Hedgi AI, that’s your new reality. This feature takes care of sifting through all your financial transactions automatically, mimicking decades of human expertise in identifying the best tax deductions. Our platform leverages advanced machine learning to analyze patterns, categorization data, and risk factors, ensuring every transaction is perfectly coded for maximal tax efficiency. It’s like having a magnifying glass over your finances, but without the manual effort.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Effortless Organization: Your books are always tidy, with zero effort on your part.
  • Maximized Deductions: Uncover tax deductions you didn’t even know existed.
  • Trust in AI: Powered by historical data, ensuring accuracy and understanding in every entry.

🚀 Risk Radar for Tax Deductions

Treading the fine line between maximizing deductions and staying compliant can be tricky. Here’s where Hedgi truly shines – offering a calculated risk probability for each tax deduction. Our cutting-edge system, backed by data from hundreds of thousands of transactions, evaluates whether deductions are ordinary and necessary. Should there be any uncertainties or higher-risk deductions, Hedgi’s GenAI audit model steps in for a deeper review. It’s like having a double-check system that’s built for bold, yet secure, tax decisions.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Make Bold Decisions: Navigate tax deductions confidently, with Hedgi’s risk assessments.
  • Stay Secure: An additional AI audit layer ensures no stone is left unturned, keeping your returns compliant.
  • Trust in the Crowd: Leveraging crowdsourced data for smarter, safer deductions.

📊 Benchmarks Straight from the Pros

Ever wondered how your business measures up against competitors? Hedgi AI doesn’t just offer insights; it delivers a competitive edge. By pulling in industry benchmarks and KPIs, our tailored AI reporting reveals exactly where your business can outshine the rest. From improving gross margins to adjusting officer compensation, Hedgi AI provides a laser-focused analysis of your P&L, pinpointing areas for growth and optimization.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Competitive Insight: Measure up against industry benchmarks to see where you stand.
  • Customized Reports: Tailored insights show you what to tweak for better performance.
  • Deep Dives: An in-depth review of your finances, exposing opportunities for improvement.

Why Small business owners love Hedgi

Jacob Schwartz

Jacob Schwartz

Managing Partner - Schwartz & Schwartz

Hedgi has saved me so much time. By automating so many transactions across all of my small business clients, I've been able to increase my tax client load by 20% in the last 6 months. Hedgi has empowered my bookkeeping team to produce powerful results with accuracy. Finally, I now know if a deduction is 'ordinary and necessary.' An incredible QuickBooks alternative for small businesses. 

Samantha Lenhart

Samantha Lenhart

Marketing Agency Owner

This year I feel a huge stress relief, the anxiety of getting my taxes done, finding a dependable accountant, not being charged for bad bookkeeping, words can't describe how happy I am with my experience with Hedgi! I have so many charges on a monthly basis, but Hedgi's AI learn my business, categorizes them in areas that will maximize the deduction properly. It has literally saved me hours and hours of work.

Taylor Tica

Taylor Tica

Therapist and SMB Owner

Hedgi is a breath of fresh air when it comes to simplifying accounting. With minimum setup it is running very efficiently and automatically. I rarely need to go in and make changes. I am done with closing my books in less than 5 minutes per month!!! Best part, it is setting everything up for year end and greatly saving time and effort at the end of the fiscal year! Great job and I highly recommend from both price and efficiency standpoint.

Hedgi is more than an app.


Leave the Ledger to Us with Managed Bookkeeping 📘

Ready to tap into full-throttle finance management with Hedgi+? Leave the ledger-leaping to our crew of bookkeeping buffs! We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty tasks – from check entries to bank reconciliations – so you can be the maestro of your market. It’s time to level-up: click ‘Upgrade’ in-app and turbocharge your Hedgi bookkeeping, start your Hedgi experience today!

Say Goodbye to Tax-Time Tremors with Hedgi+ ✌️

Navigating the tax maze solo? If you’d rather not tangle with taxes and journal jigsaw puzzles, Hedgi+ is your ace in the hole. Our squadron of savvy CPAs and EAs is all-in, ensuring you can finally bid farewell to tax-time terror. Enlist our experts via the Hedgi app, and sit back – your tax tasks are tackled, top to tail! Hedgi app and our tax pros will take it from there.

Custom Benchmarking: Your Competitive Compass 🧭

Looking to know where you truly stand in the business big leagues? Our top-tier benchmarking in Hedgi+ gives you the lowdown with locally-tailored industry data that’s as unique as your enterprise. Go head-to-head with the industry’s finest, size up your stats from cost of goods sold to margins, and chart your championship course with Hedgi+ benchmarks cut just for your competitive landscape margins, and other metrics stack up and get insights to guide your business strategy.