Maximize Tax Deductions and Minimize Audit Risk with Hedgi AI.

Invest in the future of your small business with Hedgi AI’s round-the-clock bookkeeping automation.

Trusted and relied upon by thousands of small businesses in Southern California.

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Hedgi, developed by a multi-generation, family-owned accounting firm in San Diego, is designed to streamline income tax preparation, reduce costs and minimize audit risk. Our team of expert CPAs has approved every recommended deduction, which has been benchmarked across all our users. With Hedgi’s real-time, constantly improving algorithm, your bank data is scanned and deductions are entered directly into the tax return. More than just bookkeeping software, Hedgi is an accountant’s brain benchmarked by millions of crowdsourced transactions. Discover what you can truly write off with Hedgi!

The Automation

(Time to save you (and make you) some money.)

Hedgi Works 24/7

Streamline the process

Hedgi AI revolutionizes tax return preparation by securely pulling encrypted bank data daily and automatically posting it, reducing the reliance on billable hours from bookkeepers or CPAs.

100% Accountant Approved

We take pride in our meticulous approach. Unlike crowd-sourced methods, our accounting team carefully approves each recommendation to ensure accuracy and quality.

No fear of an audit

Get valuable insights with Hedgi AI as it benchmarks your deduction choices against industry standards, showing you the percentage of businesses that took similar deductions.

We check your work

Don't settle for AI without expert oversight. Hedgi's accounting team provides an additional layer of review, ensuring accuracy and acting as approvers for automation.

Why owners love Hedgi

Jacob Schwartz

Jacob Schwartz

Managing Partner - Schwartz & Schwartz

Hedgi has saved me so much time. By automating so many transactions across all of my small business clients, I've been able to increase my tax client load by 20% in the last 6 months. Hedgi has empowered my bookkeeping team to produce powerful results with accuracy. Finally, I now know if a deduction is 'ordinary and necessary.' An incredible QuickBooks alternative for small businesses. 

Samantha Lenhart

Samantha Lenhart

Marketing Agency Owner

This year I feel a huge stress relief, the anxiety of getting my taxes done, finding a dependable accountant, not being charged for bad bookkeeping, words can't describe how happy I am with my experience with Hedgi! I have so many charges on a monthly basis, but Hedgi's AI learn my business, categorizes them in areas that will maximize the deduction properly. It has literally saved me hours and hours of work.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Gas Station Owner

We've enjoyed Hedgi because of its user friendliness. Viewing and printing reports is fast and easy. To top it off, we have a bookkeeper available at all times who is extremely helpful and patient. Hedgi has allowed us to focus more on other business matters by ensuring that our books are up to date and in good hands. It is a great stress relief. I work so many ours, and I know that I am maximizing my deductions.

An application that finally tells you what you can deduct.

Say goodbye to unnecessary audit risks from overly aggressive CPAs or missed deductions from overly conservative ones. Hedgi empowers you to make informed deduction decisions based on tangible data, rather than relying on individual CPAs’ opinions.

Hedgi crowdsources the acceptance rate of each automation against your industry, giving you real-time data on the percentage of users who actually took the deduction.

Hedgi is more than an app.


Accountant reviewed rules

Accountant reviewed rules

Create bank automations with confidence, knowing that our expert team reviews each one for accuracy and provides an additional layer of assurance. Rest assured that it’s like having an extra set of eyes to ensure your work is on point.

Full service tax preparation

Full service tax preparation

Streamline your tax preparation process with Hedgi+. Whether you’re unsure about completing your taxes on your own or need help with complex journal entries, our team of expert CPAs and EAs is ready to assist you. Simply click within the app and leave the rest to us.

Benchmarks from Bizminer

Benchmarks from Bizminer

Take advantage of the power of benchmarking with Hedgi. Easily compare your financials to industry standards from Bizminer and gain valuable insights. Are your cost of goods sold within industry norms? Use data currently accepted in US courts to see where you stand.

Risk tolerance slider

Risk tolerance slider

With Hedgi, you have the power to manage your risk effectively. Easily adjust your tolerance levels based on industry benchmarks. If 70% of users in your industry are taking a certain deduction, you decide if it fits your risk tolerance. Stay in control with Hedgi and focus on what truly matters to you.

Outsourced bookkeeping

Outsourced bookkeeping

Unlock the full potential of Hedgi with Hedgi+. Gain access to our dedicated team of bookkeeping professionals who can handle tasks such as check entry, bank reconciliation, and more. Apply for Hedgi+ within the app today!

Custom exports to tax prep software

Custom exports to tax prep software

Seamlessly connect with your current CPA or tax prep software. Hedgi can format your trial balance data to integrate with your preferred platform, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for you and your existing tax professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hedgi AI?

Hedgi AI was born out of the vision of a second-generation accountant, who set out to create a cutting-edge tax-focused bookkeeping app to address the challenges faced by the accounting industry. Just like a dedicated and experienced tax accountant, Hedgi identifies potential deductions and manages risks with the help of automation rules and real-time crowdsourced data. It goes beyond human limits, being available 24/7 to anyone, anywhere. Hedgi AI accomplishes the seemingly impossible by defining what is truly ‘ordinary and necessary’ through its innovative approach. It’s a valuable creation that brings true value to small businesses, making tax management more efficient and effective.

Why a risk tolerance slider?

With Hedgi’s risk tolerance slider, clients have the power to adjust their position on the spectrum of aggressiveness to conservatism, based on their unique perspective. Crowdsourced deduction and benchmark data provide valuable insights for small business owners to make informed decisions. The risk-tolerance slider ensures that deductions below a certain threshold of acceptance, as determined by the client, are eliminated, mitigating unnecessary risks.

Where are you going with this?

Hedgi AI is the brainchild of individuals who truly believe in the power of small businesses. Built by an experienced accountant who recognized the need for such a solution, every feature in the application is designed to streamline tax season and make it easier for small business owners and accountants alike.

As a young and dynamic company, the team at Hedgi AI welcomes ideas and feedback from the community. We are constantly seeking ways to relieve the stress and frustration associated with taxes and accounting in the industry. Have ideas or suggestions? We would love to hear from you and work together to make the platform even better. Join us in shaping the future of tax automation for small businesses!

 Contact Hedgi

Can I trust crowdsourced data?

Hedgi AI has implemented a meticulous process that rigorously reviews all data, ensuring accuracy in every automation created. Our expert accounting team meticulously checks and categorizes each automation to serve as benchmark material for the industry. Why do we do this? Because rules and policies in the accounting landscape can change, and Hedgi AI believes that small businesses working collaboratively to manage audit risk is the most effective accounting solution.

Does Hedgi AI provide tax preparation and tax help?

Currently, tax preparation services are exclusively available to Hedgi+ users. However, Hedgi AI is actively forging partnerships with reputable CPA and EA firms nationwide, offering a range of services including tax preparation, payroll management, and more. We have already begun our expansion journey, starting with San Diego, California, and are eagerly looking forward to serving new markets in the near future.

Any other cool stuff?

In addition to our accountant-approved bank rules, Hedgi AI also tags transactions for R&D credit and consolidates approved vendors for all our users. We are currently working on mapping the Hedgi general ledger to IRS Form 1120-S, allowing users to easily print and mail their returns themselves. We are also developing more advanced generative AI to assist with our expansion into new markets. We are always busy building cool stuff for small businesses and love staying innovative!