Get rewarded for moving your clients off QuickBooks.

Hedgi for Bookkeepers and CPAs

Break free and streamline your client write-up process with Hedgi.

Simplify your workflow with our platform’s globally-approved bank rules. Our team has created rules that allow you to manage your clients’ finances efficiently, without having to categorize the same transactions repeatedly across multiple accounts. We know that you want to focus on high-value, high-margin work such as tax preparation, audit work, and consulting.

There are several compelling reasons to switch to our platform.

Firstly, we verify the accuracy of the bank rules that you create, which helps you avoid errors. Our system benchmarks each rule against all users, giving you an idea of how frequently a particular transaction is being deducted. We also provide KPI benchmark data from Bizminer, which helps identify red flags or audit risks for you and your clients.

With our platform, you no longer need to manually categorize the same transactions across different accounts. Approved bank rules are automatically applied to all your clients. Additionally, our chart of accounts is standardized to the tax return, so you can work with picky CPAs without any issues. For certain categories, we automatically require tags to provide more detail.

We offer discounts at scale and lock in your price for life, making our platform a cost-effective solution for your bookkeeping practice. Switching to our platform not only saves you time but also ensures accuracy and consistency across your clients’ accounts.

Tax Referral Partner Program

Looking for some new clients? Make some extra money?

Hedgi was born from a family accounting practice in San Diego, California, with a mission to help small business CPAs and EAs stay relevant in the face of competition from large firms like Intuit. Our software automates low-risk transactions into tax-basis financial statements, saving time and money. Initially, we created it as an internal tool to combat rising labor costs and improve profitability in low-margin write-up work.

We understand that complex income tax preparation, consulting, and audit hours drive your practice’s revenue, but many small businesses also need accurate financials and tax preparation at an affordable price. We believe that selective automation and machine learning can help us maintain relationships with small business owners while achieving high profitability margins.

Our goal is to build a vast library of bank rules that can be applied across industries, improving risk management skills and reducing the risk of audits. By joining Hedgi, you can make a difference in the accounting industry by providing better data for decision-making and saving time and stress during tax season.

We’re looking for like-minded accountants who share our values and want to work with us to achieve our mission. We believe that personal relationships with local accountants are crucial, and we’re committed to sending you tax returns to do for Hedgi clients in your region. Let’s meet and discuss how we can work together to help small businesses thrive.