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Hedgi for Bookkeepers and CPAs

Break free and streamline your client write-up process with Hedgi.

Reduce time on repetitive tasks and focus on high value work with Hedgi. Our platform allows you to:

  • Connect client accounts for automated transaction categorization
  • Leverage our comprehensive and expanding tax rules database so you don’t have to manually review the same deductions repeatedly
  • Access key financial reports to better understand and advise clients
  • Simplify collecting documentation for faster tax prep


While Hedgi delivers productivity now through automation and accounting expertise, our machine learning roadmap will enable even more tailored insights in the future.

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There are several compelling reasons to switch to our platform.

Our platform offers several advantages to streamline your workflows:

  • Comprehensive and expanding tax deductions ruleset based on our team’s in-depth review and analysis to maximize accuracy.
  • Benchmarking tools compare transactions across businesses so you can identify trends and outliers.
  • Key benchmarking ratios and metrics from trusted data providers help spot risks.
  • Automatic categorization based on the validated ruleset is applied across client accounts so you avoid repetitive manual work.
  • Standardized chart of accounts maps directly to tax filings for smoother CPA handoffs.
  • Required tags on certain transactions prompt clients for details upfront.
  • Volume discounts provide cost-effective access that scales with your client base.


By leveraging Hedgi’s automation, benchmarking, and accounting expertise, you reduce time on repetitive tasks while ensuring consistency. This allows focusing on high-value services while controlling costs. And our machine learning roadmap will only continue advancing capabilities.

Tax Referral Partner Program

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At Hedgi, our mission is empowering small business accountants to deliver high-value services efficiently. We were founded by a family accounting practice seeking to balance automation with human expertise.

While software can handle routine tasks, complex consulting and tax strategy is where you provide real impact. Our platform reduces repetitive work so you can focus on high-margin services.

With comprehensive financial organization features today and intelligent insights through ML tomorrow, Hedgi enables you to better serve small business clients – a segment often overlooked by larger firms.

We want to collaborate with like-minded accountants to shape the future of the industry. Join us by contributing your insights as we build out our tax rules database and machine learning capabilities. Together we can reduce the burdens for small business owners while allowing firms like yours to thrive.

Let’s have a discussion about how we can work together to realize this vision. We value your knowledge and are committed to an open partnership model.