Worried About Tax Deductions?

"Can I write this off?" That's a question every small business owner faces.

With Hedgi AI, get clear, risk-assessed answers instantly. Our free software analyzes the risk of tax deductions, helping you make smarter decisions.

It’s not just about saving money; it’s about peace of mind.


ML/AI Automation

Hedgi uses machine learning to review deductions with pinpoint accuracy, so you don’t have to.

A Trustworthy Advisor

With performance metrics built in, know if your books have any red flags.

Transparent-Confidence-Hedgi-AI Software

AI Checks and Balances

Make informed decisions with our clear accuracy probabilities and audit models.

Stand Strong Against IRS Audits

Together, let’s ensure your deductions are defendable and smart. Hedgi AI helps protect your business by highlighting which tax write-offs are risky and which are safe. It’s like having a tax expert by your side, always guiding you.👍

Reviews that speak for themselves

Discover why small businesses are switching to Hedgi.

Advanced AI Bookkeeping Software

The new Hedgi AI accounting platform he’s using is hands down the best I’ve ever seen – say goodbye to QuickBooks and hello to Hedgi!!! Thank you, Jacob, and the entire Hedgi AI team, for always taking care of me as a client. You guys are the BEST!

Jacquie W., Small Business

I have so many charges on a monthly basis, but Hedgi’s AI learn my business, categorizes them in areas that will maximize the deduction properly. It has literally saved me hours and hours of work. Try Hedgi for your business now, highly recommend!

Sam L., Agency Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so unique about Hedgi?

Hedgi isn’t just another AI tool. While AI is a term you hear everywhere, Hedgi has a unique story and a focused mission to transform accounting for the better.

Origin Story: Back in 2018, a tax and bookkeeping firm in San Diego noticed how current tools weren’t cutting it. Tools like QuickBooks Online were often missing the mark — they were inefficient, inaccurate, and becoming more expensive.

Our Solution: We decided to build something better. We focused on three innovative AI-driven solutions:

Smart Learning: Our AI learns from years of financial data, making sure transactions are categorized just right.

Double-check Assurance: Our GenAI Audit Model acts like a guardian, reviewing transactions to catch any mistakes, ensuring everything is trustworthy.

Benchmarking Growth: Our KPI-Comparison AI Model looks at how your business stacks up to others, showing you where you can improve.

Result: After three years of hard work and real-life application, we’ve fine-tuned solutions that make bookkeeping not just easier, but smarter and more efficient. It’s not just about automation; it’s about upgrading your entire accounting process.

What bookkeeping features are in Hedgi?

It’s all about automation, accuracy, and simplicity.

Key Features:

Direct Bank Connections: Say goodbye to manual uploads. Hedgi links directly with your bank and credit card accounts, downloading transactions daily and smartly categorizing them.

Auto-Reconciliation: End-of-month reconciliations? Hedgi’s got it covered automatically by fetching your bank’s ending balance, reducing your workload.

Customizable Control: While automation leads the way, you can still jump in with manual journal entries or set up your own rules for those unique transactions.

Looking Ahead: We’re not stopping here. Future updates aim to add Accounts Payable and Receivable features by collaborating with top market solutions. We will also be integrating the 1120-S tax return directly into the program.

Who Will Benefit Most?

Small Business Owners: If you’re into monthly bookkeeping and need your transactions sorted without a fuss, Hedgi is for you.

Those Seeking Simplicity: Perfect for businesses already using QuickBooks Online but not exploiting all its features. Hedgi offers a streamlined, focused service that’s easy to use.

How does Hedgi handle my data?

At Hedgi, we know the importance of your data. Here’s our promise to you:

No Individual Tracking: We don’t sift through your transactions to find patterns on a personal level. Your specific data isn’t targeted for model training.

Aggregate Learning: Our AI gets smarter by looking at the big picture, not individual data. It learns from the collective to enhance system accuracy for everyone’s benefit.

You’re in Control: Concerned about privacy? You can choose to keep your transactions out of our learning cycles. But remember, the more data our AI can learn from, the better it gets at helping every user with smart predictions and automations.

Supporting, Not Replacing: We value the personal touch local accounting firms offer. Hedgi is here to support—not replace—this by providing tools that make navigating financial management smoother and more secure.

Your trust is essential to us. By respecting your data privacy while enhancing our systems through aggregated data, we aim to offer you superior and secure financial management tools.

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