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Together, we stand stronger against industry monopolies and disruptive technologies, safeguarding the interests of smaller practices.


ML/AI Automation

No more guesswork. Hedgi uses machine learning to review deductions with pinpoint accuracy, so you don’t have to.

A Trustworthy Advisor

With every use, Hedgi grows wiser, fine-tuning its suggestions so you can rely on it more and more.

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AI Checks and Balances

Make informed decisions with our clear accuracy probabilities and audit models – bookkeeping with a safety net.

Collective Intelligence

Join a community where every use makes Hedgi a more potent ally in uncovering savings for every small business.

KPIs Built In

Our top-tier benchmarking in Hedgi+ gives you the lowdown with locally-tailored industry data that’s as unique as your enterprise.

Support As Needed

Enlist our managed service team to assist you when needed. Tax preparation, bookkeeping, etc.

Seamless Bookkeeping Automation for Small Businesses

Hedgi automatically sorts your transactions into the correct category using rules that real-life, seasoned accountants have given a thumbs up to. 👍

Reviews that speak for themselves

Discover why small businesses are switching to Hedgi.

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The new Hedgi AI accounting platform he’s using is hands down the best I’ve ever seen – say goodbye to QuickBooks and hello to Hedgi!!! Thank you, Jacob, and the entire Hedgi AI team, for always taking care of me as a client. You guys are the BEST!

Jacquie W., Small Business

I have so many charges on a monthly basis, but Hedgi’s AI learn my business, categorizes them in areas that will maximize the deduction properly. It has literally saved me hours and hours of work. Try Hedgi for your business now, highly recommend!

Sam L., Agency Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

AI is a buzzword nowadays. What is so unique about Hedgi?

In today’s world, AI might seem like just another buzzword, but Hedgi stands out with its distinct story and commitment to enhancing the accounting landscape. Originating from a dedicated tax and bookkeeping firm in San Diego in 2018, our vision was clear: to harness the power of machine learning to streamline bookkeeping processes for small businesses, where conventional tools like QuickBooks Online faltered in efficiency and accuracy.

Our journey began as a response to the inadequacies we encountered — incorrect categorizations, cluttered charts of accounts, and unwarranted price hikes. Moreover, the aggressive push by such platforms into our professional domain threatened not just our services but our relationships with clients.

Determined to counteract and innovate, we developed a triad of AI-driven solutions tailor-made for the accounting sector:

A Machine Learning Model: Trained on meticulously categorized data and bank rules dating back many years, this model excels in identifying trends, managing risks, and ensuring precise categorizations across millions of transactions.

A GenAI Audit Model: Acts as a second set of eyes, reviewing the previous month’s transactions to pinpoint potential discrepancies or errors, thereby enhancing reliability and trust.

A KPI-Comparison GenAI Model: Evaluates business performance by comparing it against localized key performance indicators, offering actionable insights for growth and optimization.

After three years of dedicated development and extensive real-world testing, we’re proud to have pioneered solutions that not only automate but elevate the accounting process. These innovations have demonstrated significant efficiency improvements and profit margin expansion in our partnership with our first accounting firm.

What bookkeeping features are in Hedgi? What clients are ideal for this?

Hedgi introduces a streamlined, AI-driven approach to bookkeeping, designed with the specific needs of small businesses and cash-basis taxpayers in mind. Its robust features are tailored to simplify and automate the financial management process, ensuring you—or your client—can focus more on running the business and less on the complexities of bookkeeping.

Direct Bank Integration: Effortlessly connect bank accounts and credit cards to automatically download daily transactions. Hedgi’s advanced ML model analyzes and categorizes each transaction with precision.

Efficient Reconciliation: Hedgi automates the monthly reconciliation process by retrieving the ending bank balances, minimizing manual work.

Journal Entries and Rule Automations: While automation takes center stage, Hedgi also allows for manual journal entries and the creation of custom rules for transactions not automatically handled by the model.

While Hedgi currently focuses on streamlining transaction management, reconciliation, and financial statement preparation, we are actively working to integrate Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) functionalities by partnering with leading solutions in the market.

Ideal Clients for Hedgi: Hedgi shines when deployed for small business clients engaged in monthly bookkeeping. It’s particularly suited for businesses that require detailed bank reconciliations, accurate transaction categorization, and occasional journal entries to craft meaningful financial statements. Small businesses leveraging QuickBooks Online, especially those not utilizing its invoicing or billing features, will find Hedgi to be a powerful ally, offering a more specialized and efficient experience.

Are you just going to try to take my clients and data?

Absolutely not. At Hedgi, we deeply value the trust and partnerships we build with CPAs and EAs. Our mission is to foster long-term relationships based on mutual growth and respect, not competition. In fact, we are fully committed to reinforcing this through non-compete agreements and actively referring tax work to our partners. Our focus isn’t on expanding our bookkeeping and tax services; instead, we aim to empower you with the tools and support necessary to excel in these areas.

Our vision for Hedgi is to offer an alternative to the dominant market solutions— an accountant-centric platform that thrives on collaboration rather than dominance. By establishing a decentralized network of trusted partners who share this vision, we believe we can create a formidable community of small business accountants. Together, we stand stronger against industry monopolies and disruptive technologies, safeguarding the interests of smaller practices.

On Data Privacy and Use: We assure you that individual client data is neither tracked for specific patterns nor utilized for training our models on a one-to-one basis. Our machine learning models evolve through aggregate data analysis aimed at enhancing overall system predictions and functionalities. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and offer the option to exclude your client’s transactions from our training cycles upon request. However, the collective data contributes to richer insights, leading to more refined predictions, improved automation capabilities, and robust risk management for all users.

Above all, we recognize the unique value local accounting firms bring to their clients through personalized service and long-standing relationships. Hedgi’s role is not to replace these invaluable connections but to provide robust support, ensuring that small business owners and their accountants can navigate the financial landscape more effectively and securely.

What is your partner program?

Our partner program is at the heart of forging a collaborative ecosystem, bringing together the expertise of CPAs and EAs with the innovative capabilities of Hedgi AI. Aimed at revolutionizing the way small businesses across California receive tax, bookkeeping, and audit services, this program is built on a foundation of decentralization and mutual growth.

As a valued partner, here’s what you can expect:

Exclusive Client Referrals: Commit to using Hedgi AI for bookkeeping, and in return, gain exclusive rights to service new clients within defined ZIP codes that match your firm’s practice area. The more clients you onboard with Hedgi, the broader your client referral area becomes, expanding your business reach.

Incentives for Growth: Enjoy rebates on software fees and access discounted support for back-office tasks, including bookkeeping and tax preparation services, to aid in client management. Our incentives are designed to bolster your firm’s capacity and profitability.

Supporting Your Client Relationships: We recognize the paramount importance of your client relationships. Our program is crafted to enhance these connections, providing you with the tools and support to deliver exceptional service.

Does Hedgi AI provide tax preparation and bookkeeping help?

Absolutely. Through our burgeoning partner network, we offer extended tax preparation and bookkeeping services to alleviate labor constraints within your firm. Think of this as a “wholesale” model where our network can serve as the backend of your operations, seamlessly integrating with your offerings.

Here’s how our support model works:

Filling Labor Gaps: Whether it’s tax season crunch time or you’re navigating unexpected bookkeeping demands, our network of EAs and CPAs is here to back you up, ensuring your clients’ needs are always met with the same level of excellence they expect from your firm.

Flexible Pricing: Service costs are tailored to align with your client engagements, calculated as a percentage to ensure our collaboration enhances your margins rather than diminishes them.

Non-Compete Assurance: Trust is the cornerstone of our partnership. To solidify this, we commit to non-compete agreements, guaranteeing our services are solely to support your firm’s growth and client satisfaction.

Our Commitment: We’re not in the retail accounting business. Every service we offer through our partner network is to back you up, ensure your firm’s success, and facilitate seamless service delivery to your clients.

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