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What is the automations button?

Hedgi’s Automations Hub

The “Automations” button provides a central place to manage the automated workflows streamlining your financial data. This intuitive hub delivers transparency and control over your personalized automations.

With one click, view all automations – both custom-built and industry applied ones – that optimize your transaction processing. The unified overview enables seamless configuration to suit your needs.

Key Capabilities:

  • Review automation settings and activity
  • Activate or deactivate specific automations
  • Fine-tune to match preferences and requirements
  • Adjust risk tolerance with a simple slider tool
  • Apply a tolerance threshold across all automations
  • Automations above the set risk score are activated
  • Automations below the threshold are deactivated
  • Align risk tolerance and automation for optimized efficiency

Hedgi puts you in the driver’s seat with automation visibility and flexibility. The platform allows you to customize automated workflows to maximize accuracy and efficiency in financial management.

Experience the power of automation under your control. Hedgi’s Automation Hub provides centralized access to streamline and optimize workflows tailored to your risk preferences and transaction needs.