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Inputting and Managing Financial Data

If uploading your bank account is not your preferred way to input your financial data, inputting your own bank transactions works perfectly also.

To do this, there is a button you can click to update transactions by importing a CSV file from your bank. A CSV file, which stands for Comma-Separated Values, is a type of file used to store and exchange tabular data. It is a simple text file format that stores data in a structured manner with each row of the table represented by a line of text, and each value in a row separated by a comma.

This brings you to a screen where you can drop the file of transactions you had just downloaded into Hedgi.

Once the file is in, you can organize the columns so they match the required Hedgi fields for importing. It is important to make sure the headers are on the first row of your file. This will make it easier to match the correct columns to the Hedgi fields.

Now you are able to review the transactions going into Hedgi. Double check to make sure credits to your account are positive and debits from your account are negative. If everything looks right, you can click “Finish” and you ready to organize these transactions.