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Am I able to manually update data?

Manually Entering Transactions in Hedgi

If you prefer not to connect your bank accounts to Hedgi, you can manually enter your transactions instead. Here’s how:

  1. Click “Update Transactions” in the Hedgi app.
  2. Select the option to import a CSV file. A CSV file stores tabular data in a structured format, with each row representing a transaction.

3. Download a CSV export from your bank and upload it to Hedgi.

4. Organize the CSV columns to match Hedgi’s required fields. Put the header row first to match columns easily.

5. Review transactions to ensure credits are positive amounts and debits are negative.

6. If the data looks accurate, click “Finish” to import the transactions.

The transactions will now be added to Hedgi for tracking and reporting. Be sure to regularly add new CSV exports to keep your transaction history up to date.

If you have any issues matching your bank’s CSV to Hedgi, contact our support team for assistance getting set up. Manual entry gives you full control over your financial data.