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Why is the bank balance not updating every day?

Keeping Your Bank Balances Up-to-Date in Hedgi

Hedgi fetches your linked bank account balances on the last day of the month. Hedgi does this to provide your month-end bank balance for reconciliation purposes. This means your balances may become outdated as the month progresses.

To ensure accurate reporting, it’s recommended to reconcile your Hedgi bank accounts accounts within a few days of the month close.

To reconcile:

  • In Hedgi, record any pending transactions, income, or transfers to capture the full month’s activity.
  • Match Hedgi’s balances to your bank’s online balances or paper statements. Hedgi will provide the month-end balance to you if you are directly connected to the bank.
  • Resolve any discrepancies by adding missing transactions or adjusting incorrect amounts.
  • If large discrepancies remain, contact Hedgi support for troubleshooting.

Reconciling close to month-end will realign Hedgi to your true month-to-date account balances before the next refresh. This prevents reporting issues from outdated or misleading balances.

With regular reconciliations, you can rely on Hedgi to provide up-to-date visibility into your balance sheet.