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What is a multiple match in bookkeeping automation?

Hedgi’s Multiple Match Feature

Hedgi’s “Multiple Match” feature enables multiple, automated tax category suggestions while prioritizing categorization accuracy. In bookkeeping automation, there may be multiple tax category outcomes for the same vendor.

How it works:

  • Hedgi AI attempts to categorize transactions, reviewing benchmark statistics
  • Some bank transactions match multiple categories
  • These are tagged as “Multiple Match” with a “?” icon
  • The system provides the matched category options
  • Users review and select the best fit


  • Leverages AI for efficiency
  • Provides options to choose from
  • Gives user control for precision
  • Balances automation with oversight

With “Multiple Match”, Hedgi combines AI-driven recommendations with human discernment. This enables fast yet accurate transaction categorization.

The system automatically suggests while you validate the definitive category – improving efficiency without sacrificing accuracy.