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What is a single match?

The “Single Match” is an automation feature in Hedgi which enables automatic journal entries for transactions when there is a high confidence match.

How it works:

  • Hedgi analyzes new transactions using AI and user rules
  • Clear matches are tagged as “Single Match”
  • These have a green, yellow, or red checkmark icon, depending on the acceptance rate
  • No additional review needed – automatically categorized


  • Automates straightforward categorization
  • Allows focus on exceptions needing oversight
  • Leverages AI to simplify workflows
  • Expedites the review process

With “Single Match”, Hedgi handles routine categorization automatically. This leaves only non-matched, or high-risk transactions for manual review.

The system streamlines categorization using intelligence to classify unambiguous transactions. This enables efficient categorization and simplification to your workflows.