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Where is the general ledger?

Overview of the General Ledger in Hedgi

The General Ledger provides a complete record of all your financial transactions and is key for overall business financial reporting.

In Hedgi, you can easily access your general ledger:

  1. Go to the Transactions tab
  2. Apply any date filters needed
  3. Click “View Details” on any expense category to see the underlying transactions

Key Features:

  • Displays all transactions from connected accounts chronologically
  • Summarizes transactions into income and expense categories
  • Enables date filtering to analyze specific periods
  • Transaction details like date, description, amount are shown
  • Downloadable as a CSV/Excel file for official ledger needs

Having an up-to-date general ledger centralizes your accounting data for better reporting, tracking income/expenses, monitoring cash flow, identifying errors, and more.

Hedgi makes your general ledger available at anytime with user-friendly controls to filter, analyze, and export your complete financial data.