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Categorizing Transactions

There is a useful tool in Hedgi that acts as assistance when you are categorizing your transactions. Depending on the rules you have created, and the rules incorporated with the Hedgi AI, your transactions will either show in your unreviewed as, “No Match,” with a red “X” next to it, or a checkmark with a suggested category for that transaction. There is also a possibility of a transaction getting recognized by different automations, in which case you will see “?” with multiple matches and you can pick the category that best applies to your transaction.

As you can see, you are able to filter your transactions to either just show no match, single match, or multiple match transactions. In order to categorize these transactions, you will need to use the checkmark under the “Actions” tab.

No Match Transactions

When categorizing a no match transaction, this screen will appear where you may add a vendor and choose the best category to fit that specific transaction. Hedgi can also identify transactions that are the same where you can check the bottom box to have them all apply to that category. Once finished, click “Save” and those transactions will move to the reviewed tab.

Split a Transaction

The split transaction tab allows you to apply different categories to one purchase. This could be needed if there a purchase of business expenses that applied to different base accounts. Be sure to include a description of why the portion of the purchase is for that expense. When finished splitting, make sure the split amount is equal to the original amount and you can click “Apply.”

Creating a Tag

The tag transaction tab allows you to add or create a tag for a transaction that may be grouped together with others. This is a good way of keeping expenses organized, and once finished, click “Save.”

Single Match Transactions

When categorizing a single match transaction, it will give you a suggested category based off the automations created within Hedgi. When clicking on the checkmark for these transactions, this screen will appear. It shows the acceptance rate for a transaction like this across all Hedgi accounts. You may use this to determine if it is right for you, but if not you can easily cancel and override the transaction to the category that you believe best suits it.

Multiple Match Transactions

This screen will appear when attempting to categorize a transaction that has multiple matches. You will be able to pick the option you feel best fits the transactions, or override both options and select your own target account.

Undo Categorization

If you accidentally accept a transaction that you don’t think should go in that category, you can switch over to the reviewed transaction tab and find the specific one that went through. Under the “Actions” tab, you will see a button that looks like two arrows in a circle. Clicking on this will undo the categorization, where it will place it back in the unreviewed tab and you can correctly assign it.