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Where can I see all of my vendors?

The “Vendors” button provides a unified hub to access and control vendor information related to your transactions.

This intuitive dashboard enables:

  • Oversight of personal and global AI vendors
  • Efficient tracking and organization
  • Enhanced control over transaction details

Hedgi rigorously reviews all community-added vendors for reliability. You can trust vendor data is credible.

Key features:

  • Annual expenditure totals to simplify 1099 prep
  • Streamlined financial reporting
  • Optimized user experience
  • Seamless financial operations

With comprehensive vendor insights and tools, Hedgi makes it easy to manage vendors and transactions from one location. The centralized hub delivers transparency, convenience, and control over your financial workflows.

Experience the power of seamless vendor management and reporting. Hedgi provides the tools and information you need to optimize workflows and facilitate smooth financial processes.