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Am I able to send invoices and pay bills?

While Hedgi does not directly offer invoicing and bill pay services, the app provides helpful tools to track after-the-fact transactions for tax-basis financial statements.

Expenditures and income in Hedgi can be auto-recorded (via AI), or manually recorded with detailed descriptions, categories, tags. These transaction records allow you to:

  • Log bill payments paid so you can keep track of tax deductions.
  • Export and organize transaction reports to reconcile payments received and paid with your bank records.
  • Separate tax-deductible bills and business expenses from personal spending.
  • Have clear documentation of payments made if any issues arise.

While Hedgi does not currently offer invoice or bill pay services, our core focus is simplifying taxes for small businesses. By maintaining accurate books and records, we ensure you maximize eligible deductions and make tax time faster and easier.