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What do the notifications mean? (Hedgi Pro)

Understanding Hedgi AI Notifications

Hedgi will notify you on the status of any accounting automations you create, so you can ensure they are running accurately:

AI Approved – You will see a green icon notification showing that your automation has been accepted for all users in your industry!

AI Rejected – If the Hedgi accounting team determines the automation cannot be applied to all users in your industry, you will receive a red “Rejected” notification flagging an issue preventing completion.

When you receive a rejection notification:

  • Log into your Hedgi account to review the details.
  • Toggle to the automations tab.
  • Make any necessary edits to data, rules, or criteria so the automation can process properly.
  • Adjustments may be needed to resolve data discrepancies or other errors flagged by the AI.
  • Re-run the automation after modifying as needed.
  • Our accounting team will review your edits.
  • If you feel your automation still works for your account despite the rejection, you are able to manually reactivate it.

Carefully reviewing rejections allows you to continuously improve your AI accounting workflows over time. Hedgi accounting team approvals provide added assurance that defined automations are running accurately without problems.