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What is the account card?

Reconciling Your Hedgi Account

Seeing red on your Hedgi account card means reconciliation is required to verify your balance. Simply click the red exclamation symbol to navigate to the reconciliation page.

This critical process retrieves your bank’s month-end balance and compares it to your statement. Carefully validating the amounts matches ensures accurate, reliable financial records within Hedgi.

Reconciling your accounts provides:

  • Automatic retrieval of your bank’s balance
  • Easy comparison to your statement balance
  • Verification that Hedgi matches your bank records
  • Confidence in the integrity of your financial data
  • Accurate, up-to-date information maintained

By regularly reconciling, you can trust that Hedgi precisely reflects your real financial position. It’s a quick, easy way to reinforce accuracy and instill confidence in your financial management.

Let Hedgi provide automated assistance to reconcile easily. With just one click, validate your balances and maintain peace of mind knowing your financial records are precise.