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Why are there Hedgi AI vendors? What about my vendors?

Hedgi AI Vendors vs Custom Vendors

Hedgi AI will automatically tag common vendors based on those frequently used by other Hedgi users. These are the AI vendors.

However, you can also create and tag Custom vendors specific to your business transactions and relationships.

Key Differences:

AI Vendors – Predefined by Hedgi’s AI based on popularity across the app. Useful common defaults.
Custom Vendors – Created by you for your unique vendors not recognized by the AI. Tailored to your data.

When adding transactions, match to an AI Vendor if it exists or create a new Custom Vendor if needed.

Properly categorizing all of your vendors ensures transactions flow into the appropriate ledgers and provides accurate reporting on spending by vendor.

Leverage Hedgi’s AI Vendor detection, but also diligently build out Custom Vendors personalized to your company’s payees.