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How do I connect directly to my bank?

Connecting Bank Accounts in Hedgi

Easily and securely connect your bank accounts to Hedgi using the “Add Data Source” button:

  • Provides a secure connection for importing your latest transactions using Plaid.
  • Offers two methods:
    1. Automated Bank Connect – Directly link your bank account for automatic daily updates in Hedgi.
    2. Manual CSV Upload – Upload a CSV file of transactions if you prefer.
  • Automated connection is recommended for real-time, hands-off transaction feeds.
  • Hedgi’s AI will automatically categorize new transactions to eliminate manual work.
  • Seamlessly maintains up-to-date financial data without effort.

With a few clicks, your accounts are connected and transactions streaming into your Hedgi account. Reliable connections coupled with intelligent categorization ensure your financial data is always accurate and current.

Let us know if you need any help getting your accounts linked up!