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What data do you use from my categorization choices?

When you use the Hedgi app, you can rest assured that your personal data and activity are kept fully private and secure:

  • Account Privacy – All of your account details, transactions, balances, and financial statement history are visible only to you. Other Hedgi users have NO access to view or see your account and/or account information. Only the account administrator can invite new users to the Hedgi account.
  • Data Not Shared – Hedgi assures they do not share, sell, or distribute your personal data to any third parties or other Hedgi users. Your data is only used internally to deliver services to you.
  • Deduction Benchmark Data – Hedgi only tracks statistics on Hedgi AI recommended rules. Your acceptance or rejection of our recommendation is monitored, tracked and anonymized. Hedgi then uses your choice to continuously update the “risk score” on tax deductions. This score is presented as a percentage of users within your industry who accept our recommendation.
  • Financial Statement KPIs – No data is used from any Hedgi user to generate the KPI benchmarks. This data comes from our partner, Bizminer.
  • Secure Authentication – Logging into your Hedgi account requires your unique credentials via a verified email/password. This prevents any other users from accessing your account and data.