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What does the acceptance rate mean?

Understanding Automation Acceptance Rates on Hedgi

When viewing automated transaction rules on Hedgi, you may see an acceptance rate percentage.

This rate indicates the percentage of Hedgi users who have enabled that specific automation.

For example, a 90% acceptance means 90% of Hedgi users have added that automation to their account.

The acceptance rate helps you evaluate automations:

  • Higher rates suggest the automation is widely used and accepted as an ordinary, necessary deduction for the industry.
  • Lower rates indicate a niche or potentially high risk automation used by a smaller subset of users.

High acceptance rates validate that the Hedgi community finds the automation effective and accurate for most users.

Niche automations with lower adoption may need additional review by your accounting team before enabling.

Check acceptance rates when deciding which automations make sense for your Hedgi configuration. This provides insight into community patterns.